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What we're watching (late Fringe 2018)

There's (STILL) too much stuff in the brochure. There's (STILL) TOO MUCH EFFING BLINKING STUFF in the sh*tting brochure. Let us break it down for you. What time is it now? OK, so go and see this:

Mister Kipper, FringePig, 19th August 2018

A piggy interview with Martha McBrier

Martha McBrier interview.

Wrigley Worm, FringePig, 20th June 2018

Who have the comedy award judges most overlooked?

With the shortlist out tomorrow, we ask comedians to name who SHOULD have been on the list in previous years.

Chortle, 22nd August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe day 17, part 2

Every year, as the Fringe starts, I fear there will be no stunt worthy of a Malcolm Hardee Cunning Stunt Award. But, every year, they come rolling in.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 18th August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe day 13

I ended today soaked through with Irn Bru and rain.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 15th August 2017

#EdFringe17: Martha McBrier in Balamory Doubtfire

In an extended 30 minute interview we hear from leading story telling comedian, Martha McBrier, who is back in Edinburgh with a new show, Balamory Doubtfire. We learn of her origin story, from winning a major competition on her third gig, to getting into bother over a didgeridoo.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 14th August 2017

Kate Copstick's diary: size doesn't matter

I was chatting with Simon Munnery about small audiences - not that he is an expert on that. He told me Eugene Cheese of the Chuckle Club would cancel if there were fewer than 30 in the audience. Unbelievable now.

Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, 13th August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe day 7

Today, I watched three performers talking out of their arses. Hardly a new thing at the Edinburgh Fringe, you might think.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 8th August 2017