Maria Shehata.

Maria Shehata

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The Road to the WareFringe, Part 3

Friday 19th July 2019

Si Hawkins has been taking us behind the scenes as he launches a little comedy festival. The four-show all-dayer has now occurred, so here Si shares the lessons he took away from the day.


Press Clippings

Maria Shehata: interview

Failed love, crippling debt and living with an angry 83-year-old. Not exactly what Maria Shehata had in mind when she left LA for the UK.

Keira Brown, The Fountain, 18th August 2019

Nightmare audience members

We asked performers going to the Fringe who they would least like to see in the audience of their show...

British Comedy Guide, 10th August 2019

Maria Shehata recalls her most memorable gigs

'Why don't you all just boo me? It would be better than this'

Chortle, 6th August 2019

British Comedy Guide's top tips

The British Comedy Guide team selects the best Edinburgh Fringe shows they've seen so far in preview.

British Comedy Guide, 2nd August 2019

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Radio Ha-Ha!, August 2019

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