Luisa Omielan.

Luisa Omielan

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Comedy Central Live - Luisa Omielan - Nail bar story

From Series 1, Episode 5 of Comedy Central Live. Featuring: Luisa Omielan.

Don't Hate The Playaz - Krept and Konan's Tasty Dessert Rap

From Series 1, Episode 4 of Don't Hate The Playaz. Featuring: Jordan Stephens, Maya Jama, Lady Leshurr, Darren Harriott, London Hughes, Tulisa, Melvin Odoom, Luisa Omielan, Krept, Konan.

Luisa Omielan - BAFTA Breakthrough Brits 2018

Featuring: Luisa Omielan.

Luisa Omielan's Politics For Bitches - Does your background determine success?

From Series 1, Episode 2 of Luisa Omielan's Politics For Bitches. Featuring: Luisa Omielan.

Stand Up Central - Luisa Omielan on bedroom fantasies

From Series 4, Episode 4 of Stand Up Central. Featuring: Luisa Omielan.