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The History Of The World Backwards - A Johnny Rotten in Every Village

The Anti-Social Movement, which in the Middle Ages see people leave the cities for rural areas as even seen a break-away punk rock republic in which each village has its own Johnny Rotten.

Rev. - Santa's Grotto

Keen to spread the festive spirit, Adam makes a visit to the school dressed as Father Christmas. Unfortunately, the kids at Ellie's school don't find Santa quite as magical as he'd hoped...

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Rev. - Call Me Robert

Adam, Nigel and Ellie try and get to the bottom of what is behind Archdeacon Robert's new found geniality.

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Rev. - Suicidal Cows

Convinced that many of the children at Ellie's school have never seen cows, Adam decides to plan an education school trip to Dover to see some. Suicidal ones, apparently.

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Rev. - Is The Answer Jesus, Sir?

Whilst suffering a crisis of faith, Adam gives an assembly at the school.

Rev. - Do You Fancy Miss Sir?

Adam attempts to give an assembly on the birth of Jesus and faces the kid's scepticism about the immaculate conception, as well as their embarrassing questions about his feelings for the headmistress.

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