Lucinda Raikes

Armando Iannucci's superbly acerbic BBC political satire may have been primarily concerned with the "doomed middle-aged men" of Whitehall and their hapless aides but it also had plenty to say about the capital's media machine.

Special adviser Ollie Reeder (Chris Addison), having previously had a relationship with Evening Standard reporter Angela Heaney (Lucinda Raikes), creates all manner of awkwardness, particularly when Satanic director of communications Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) pressures him into attempting to exploit their past to win favourable coverage.

The "Spinners and Losers" special concerning Labour Party in-fighting took the viewer inside the offices of The Daily Mail, as the paper is repeatedly forced to redesign its front page due to the chaotic nature of the night's events.

Joe Sommerlad, The Independent, 6th September 2018