Louise Stevenson

Louise Stevenson - The New Comedians Handbook

Louise Stevenson - The New Comedians Handbook

Louise Stevenson is a stand-up comedian, writer and comedy coach with over 20 years comedy industry experience. As CEO of Brighton Comedy Course, Louise has a solid background in helping aspiring comedians realise their dreams and has acquired a reputation for delivering quality stand-up comedy courses with consistent 5-star reviews over the last decade.

Louise's first book How To Be A Comedian And Smash Your First Gig earned rave reviews.

The New Comedians Handbook is for the next stage of the journey. It covers everything a working comedian needs to know. It provides the know-how to stand out in a crowded comedy scene and thrive in the comedy industry. It contains:

The series summary, starting out tips, advice on comedy competitions, running your own comedy nights, compering, action plans, Edinburgh Fringe festival, the comedy circuit, women in comedy, booking gigs, the importance of writing, getting sick of your material, finding your voice, tough gigs, keeping your chin up, and finding an agent.

This how-to book is packed with real content that's been successfully tried and tested. Paired with Louise's experience and knowledge as a stand-up comedian, this is a serious guide to stand-up comedy which will provide you with the confidence, expert advice, and practical exercises to make an impact on the comedy circuit.

This book contains:
- Encouraging and motivating instruction from a real-life comedian and coach.
- Structured content in easy-to-understand chunks.
- Insider knowledge and practical exercises throughout the book.

There are real-life stories from Brighton Comedy Course graduates, who share their own experiences of writing comedy material, the comedy circuit and the challenges and rewards of Stand-up comedy.

This book will give you the tools you need to:

- Analyse what's working and what's not.
- Make a solid plan to excel your comedy career.
- Become a better comedian and raise your game.

Let's take your comedy to the next level. Buckle in.

About the series
The Learn Stand-up Comedy Series provides aspiring comedians with the tools and knowledge they need to do the job.
The first book in the series, How To Be A Comedian And Smash Your First Gig is a step-by-step guide to help aspiring comedians reach their first gig. It covers:

Sourcing, writing, editing, and structuring material. Insights on confidence, comfort zones, mindset & beating nerves. Know-how on opening and closing lines, delivery, timing & stage performance techniques. Understanding of audiences, joke formulas, comedy genres, and hecklers.

The New Comedians Handbook is the second in the series. It will help lay strong foundations, encouraging best practice, good routines, and professional standards.

Disclaimer: There is the odd swear word or adult reference within the book but nothing too racy.

First published: Sunday 1st November 2020

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