The Delivery Man. Pat (Llewella Gideon). Copyright: Monicker Pictures.

Llewella Gideon

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GameFace series 2 review

Roisin Conaty's sitcom has got a deserved promotion to Channel 4 for its second series, and things seem to be going well for her character, Marcella, too. She's finally got an acting job - the opening slo-mo sequence follows her preparing backstage en route to the spotlight - and she's even passed her driving test.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 17th July 2019

The Real McCoy comes to BBC Store

The first series of 1990s sketch show The Real McCoy, starring black and Asian comedy talent, is now available to buy for the first time.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd March 2017

The Delivery Man is that most endangered of animals, a seriously funny ITV comedy, as in I laughed out loud, and I very seldom do that. The premise is simple. He's a copper who's suddenly retrained as a male midwife, and that's every bit as funny as it sounds, and must have been enough to get it past at least two phalanxes of ITV comedy bods deluded enough to give money to Keith Lemon rather than taking him behind a barn and hitting him with an axe.

Turns out it's quiet genius. This is partly down to Darren Boyd's pitch-perfect stutter-timing. Half way through his early watercooler moment with putative love interest Lisa (Aisling Bea), he compliments her gauchely on her selection of Dr Pepper - "Good choice. Did you know that Vietnamese prostitutes favoured this for its antispermicidal qualities?" On he stutters, with his tallness, insisting on comparing her favourably to a Vietnamese prostitute but still managing to insert the phrase "vaginal douche". And I suddenly knew I had to record the whole series. Others in the cast - Alex McQueen, Llewella Gideon - add gleeful panache. How ever did they get through the ITV "comedy" net?

Euan Ferguson, The Observer, 19th April 2015