Please Turn Over. Dr. Henry Manners / 'Dr. Adam Gay' (Leslie Phillips). Copyright: STUDIOCANAL / Anglo Amalgamated.

Leslie Phillips

Leslie Phillips Collection - Comic Icons

Leslie Phillips Collection - Comic Icons

Collection of features starring the debonair British gentleman with a penchant for seaside-comedic gags and an eye for the ladies, Leslie Phillips.

In Please Turn Over (1959) a town is driven to insurrection when a local girl publishes a sexy novel with characters quite plainly lifted from among local personages, including her mum and dad!

Watch Your Stern (1960) is a navy lark featuring many of the Carry On crew, in which a ship's steward convinces his admiral he is the brain behind a homing torpedo, but he finds himself in deep water.

In No Kidding (1960) a young couple inherits a large estate and decides to turn it into a kids' camp - to predictably riotous results.

In Crooks Anonymous (1962) a former lag trying to go straight joins a rehabilitation scheme using much the same methods as AA. Through the process, he takes work as a department store Santa, where the endless parade of goods and money, not to mention the pretty young shop hands, have him like a moth to a flame in no time flat.

First released: Monday 5th February 2007

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