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Arrest that joke! A history of gags so offensive that punters called the cops

Stand-up Joe Lycett has revealed that he was reported to police for one of his routines. From Sacha Baron Cohen to Jo Brand, Brian Logan looks at what happens when laughter and the law collide.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 28th June 2022

Stewart Lee interviewed

Stewart Lee is back with another series of Comedy Vehicle. He tells Simon Price his thoughts on Lenny Bruce, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, swimming through piss, Brexit and the pitfalls of being constantly misunderstood.

Simon Price, The Quietus, 3rd March 2016

From Lenny Bruce to Dapper Laughs

On Friday, Frankie Boyle took to the stage at the FĂ©ile an Phobail festival in West Belfast. 'I cannot say how sorry I am to have divided a united city', he joked, to riotous applause, referencing the weeks-long campaign from local disabled groups to have Boyle dropped from the bill.

Tom Slater, Broadway Baby, 12th August 2015

'Easily offended' are silencing today's Lenny Bruces

Tom Slater says free speech is for everyone. Even bigots.

Tom Slater, Chortle, 11th August 2015

Lenny Bruce: the comedian who shocked Britain

Theatre director Charles Marowitz recalls his friendship with Lenny Bruce, the outrageous American stand-up comic.

Charles Marowitz, The Telegraph, 3rd August 2015

Lenny Bruce: the Dapper Laughs of is day

Nearly 50 after Bruce's death, 'sick comedians' are still in the firing line.

Tom Slater, Spiked, 3rd August 2015

Bridget Christie - The Lowry, Salford

The rant as a comic device has been around for some years. Lenny Bruce, in his decline, rambled on about legal procedures and censorship. Ben Elton rabbitted on about a little bit of politics and Stewart Lee has pushed the technique towards the surreal by banging on about topics too trivial to even mention. Now Bridget Christie is ranting on the subject of feminism.

Dave Cunningham, The Public Reviews, 13th October 2014

Frank Skinner: My comedy hero... Lenny Bruce

Frank Skinner has spoken to Digital Spy about the impact his comedy hero, the American Lenny Bruce, has had on his life.

Alex Fletcher and Tom Mansell, Digital Spy, 31st January 2014

Mark Thomas says being a pain is all in a day's work

Instead of taking a 9-to-5, Mark Thomas aspired to follow in the footsteps his satirist hero Lenny Bruce and he has done a decent job of it, too.

Sarah Walters, Manchester Evening News, 4th October 2013

Bremner: I'm the only man who wants to bring back Blair

When John F. Kennedy was shot in 1963, the comedian Lenny Bruce suggested that the authorities should dig two graves at Arlington Cemetery in Washington - one for Kennedy and one for Vaughn Meader, the President's arch-impersonator. As the General Election in this country rapidly approaches, I must admit to feeling a little uneasy at the prospect of losing quite so many characters who have become part of my professional life.

Rory Bremner, Daily Mail, 27th March 2010

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