Laurence Howarth. Copyright: Michael Wharley.

Laurence Howarth

Cuckoo - Dale drinks cocktails

From Series 4, Episode 2 of Cuckoo. Featuring: Esther Smith (Rachel), Kenneth Collard (Steve), Taylor Lautner (Dale), Laurence Howarth (Frank).

Tracey Breaks The News - Trump says Theresa May is not hot

From Series 2, Episode 1 of Tracey Breaks The News. Featuring: Tracey Ullman, Laurence Howarth, Anthony Atamanuik (Donald Trump).

W1A - Basically, we're pretty happy with it

From Series 3, Episode 3 of W1A. Featuring: David Westhead (Neil Reid), David Tennant, Laurence Howarth (Adam Brady).

Back - Mitchell & Webb Return As Brothers Reunited At Funeral

From Series 1, Episode 1 of Back. Featuring: David Mitchell (Stephen), Robert Webb (Andrew), Laurence Howarth (Martin Coburn), Laurence Ubong Williams (CafĂ© Waiter).

W1A - Digital Handshake Sessions

From Series 1, Episode 1 of W1A. Featuring: Hugh Bonneville (Ian Fletcher), Laurence Howarth (Adam Brady).