KT Tunstall

It should be a proud moment for Arbiter Maven, as construction of the fourth wonder of Jinsy, a bridge built in the shape of Maven's nose, reaches the halfway point. But that's as far as it'll ever go if local environmentalist Edery Molt (a typically excellent Kevin Eldon) gets his way. Can Maven bribe him with a rare bat? Why is Sporall turning orange?

The main story is joyous enough - when Maven gets Molt round for dinner, there's a fantastic visual gag that literally has another, even better one hiding behind it - but as always it's the irrelevant inserts that make This Is Jinsy the bulging, shop-soiled selection box it is. Tonight, bits I rewound and played again included a bulletin from half-dead reporter Jesric Underdone (this week's top story: using live rats as cavity wall insulation), and an insane contribution from the jumpily edited, Stanley Unwin-esque weatherman Tracee Henge.

Best of all is KT Tunstall guesting as throaty shanty-man Briiian Rattagan. His/her song is utter nonsense but catchier than a burr cardie. Altogether now! "It's cold and it's wet and it looks just like an onion..."

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 3rd October 2011