Kiruna Stamell

Jesterval 2014: 5 must-see free shows

Previews of Andy Fury, Funny Team, Gareth Berliner and Kiruna Stamell, Skily and more.

Steve Drayton, Giggle Beats, 6th June 2014

This delightful and subversive mockumentary bows out tonight with a touching story about feisty dwarf Carrie (Kiruna Stamell), a woman who makes up for in attitude what she lacks in stature. "I'm not disabled, just a bit on the short side," she spits as she embarks on her umpteenth career (as a clown) while burying her feelings for Dan (Peter Mitchell), a wheelchair-bound ex-rugby player. The scripts have eschewed politically correct point-making in favour of bitingly funny comedy drama. Bravo. Another series and quickly, please, before hunky newcomer Mitchell is snapped up by Hollyoaks.

Vicki Power, The Telegraph, 9th December 2009