Kevin Quantum: Neon Future. Kevin Quantum.

Kevin Quantum

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Edinburgh Fringe review

Mumble Cirque, August 2019

Edinburgh Fringe review

World Magic Review, August 2019

Scottish Comedy Awards 2019 nominations

The nominations for the Scottish Comedy Awards 2019 have been announced. Breaking The News leads the lists. Chris Forbes, Christopher MacArthur-Boyd, Jay Lafferty, Larry Dean, Liam Withnail, Limmy, Susie McCabe and Tom Stade are in the running for best solo show.

British Comedy Guide, 10th May 2019

Edinburgh Fringe review

World Magic Review, August 2018

Preview - Kevin Quantum

Kevin Quantum has had sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe every year since 2015. This year he has returned with his new show Vanishing Point.

Lucy Samson, Deadline News, 25th July 2018

Three to see 2017: Three magic shows

This time a little bit of cabaret in the form of three fine magic shows.

Caro Moses, ThreeWeeks, 4th August 2017

Maths at the Edinburgh Fringe

This year pickings are slim - quite a few mathematical Fringe regulars are having the year off - but there are a couple of shows which have maths as a definite theme.

Katie Steckles, The Aperiodical, 1st August 2017

Edinburgh Fringe review

All Edinburgh Theatre, August 2017