Kevin Guthrie

Movie review - Get Duked! (2019)

In its own slippery game of generational cat and mouse, Doff's film is one that brazenly revels in absurdity; unashamedly committing to increasingly implausible sub-plots involving bread thieves, dim-witted police prejudice and the sharpness of forks.

George Nash, Flickering Myth, 25th August 2020

Boyz in the Wood review

A group of youngsters stuck in the Scottish countryside become the hunted in Ninian Doff's wacky mashup.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 19th June 2019

Review: Pointless Whisky Galore remake lacks in spirit

A great cast alone does not a good film make as this all-too-gentle and rather pointless retread of Alexander Mackendrick's 1949 Ealing classic showcases.

Ross Miller, The National, 5th May 2017

Whisky Galore - review

Many, myself included, will balk at the idea of a remake of this classic film believing it really shouldn't be tampered with. However director Gillies MacKinnon has wisely decided to stick with the winning formula and has merely updated it seemingly by flicking a switch which has transformed it into colour.

The Quotidian Times, 27th June 2016

Whisky Galore! review

Why remake a classic? Along with Passport To Pimlico and Kind Hearts And Coronets, Whisky Galore! defined Ealing Comedies as the gold standard when they were released in 1949.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 27th June 2016

Kevin Guthrie is happy to head for the hills in comedy

At just 25, the actor is one of Scotland's brightest young stars but, if success is shining on him at the moment, it has not blinded him to the need to stay grounded and work hard.

Steve Hendry, Daily Record, 4th May 2014