Duty Free. David Pearce (Keith Barron). Copyright: Yorkshire Television.

Keith Barron

In early 2017, Lee Mack's grumpy but gag-packed sitcom fast-forwarded into Outnumbered territory with Lee and Lucy (Sally Bretton) abruptly becoming parents to three young children. The addition of rosy-cheeked sprogs is a good fit for this special episode as the couple's warring in-laws compete for grandkid affection with gifts so lavish they threaten to outshine Santa. The late Keith Barron guest stars as a prickly toy shop employee.

Graeme Virtue, The Guardian, 24th December 2017

Duty Free star Keith Barron dies

Keith Barron, who starred in the ITV sitcom Duty Free, has died aged 83.

British Comedy Guide, 15th November 2017

Duty Free cast to perform new stage show

Keith Barron, Gwen Taylor and Neil Stacy are reuniting in Last Of The Duty Free, described as its "next hilarious instalment" and which comes to the Churchill Theatre in Bromley later this spring.

Kent News, 19th March 2014

Ben offers to step in and act as carer for one of Janey's clients - an old man called Harry. The golden rule is that Harry is not allowed to leave the house under any circumstances. So if you're expecting some doddery old geezer on his last legs then guest star Keith Barron is either very bad casting indeed, or else Harry has been sipping from the fountain of youth when no one's looking.

He certainly looks in better nick than Ben and, with no Susan in the show this week, the two men have a brilliant boys' night out. What's never really explained is why Harry's family are paying to keep the poor man prisoner in his own house in the first place.

Still Ben doesn't mind - he's the one who really needs to get out of the house because son Michael and Roger have commandeered his living room to mope over their broken hearts.

Jame Simon, The Mirror, 27th August 2010

Not since Gwen Taylor and Keith Barron kept finding themselves in the same hotel as that posh couple in Duty Free have a bunch of chalk-and-cheese holidaymakers been so unfortunate to end up sharing their vacations together so often. Back at the Solana Resort on a freebie (a present for winning Best Comedy at the National TV Awards, perhaps?), the gang will be joined by outlandish guest turns Sheridan Smith, Robin Askwith, Una Stubbs, Tim Healy and Mr Keith Barron himself.

What's On TV, 2nd October 2009