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Katherine Ryan

Years of lugubrious wit are turning Jack Dee's face as saggy as the late Clement Freud's. Tonight's dosage of self-indulgent gripes from an invited audience won't help any. He's joined by Jeremy Hardy, Katherine Ryan, Larry Lamb and Andi Osho to field "first world complaints" about baby Facebook updates, emptying bins when husbands are away and inquiries about where best to shield an iPhone from the sun ("Britain," offers Hardy).

David Stubbs, The Guardian, 5th April 2017

Interview: Katherine Ryan

In one hour, comedian Katherine Ryan hilariously tackles pop culture, politics, and personal life.

Samantha Sutton, Coveteur, 10th March 2017

Katherine Ryan interview

'Being a single mum and a comedian go hand in hand'.

Finlay Greig, i Newspaper, 6th March 2017

Katherine Ryan interview

The Canadian comedian has witnessed both sexism and ageism in her industry - but she is positive that television is becoming more diverse.

Ellie Harrison, Radio Times, 6th March 2017

Chortle Awards 2017 nominees announced

The nominees for the Chortle Awards 2017 have been announced. David Baddiel, Bridget Christie, Richard Gadd, Kieran Hodgson and Stewart Lee are shortlisted for best live show.

British Comedy Guide, 16th February 2017

Katherine Ryan doesn't bite her tongue

"I was lucky to develop in the UK because I find comedy - in addition to being caustic - it's quite literary over here, and alternative comedy isn't so alternative."

Amanda Wicks, Paste Magazine, 14th February 2017

Preview - The Fake News Show

This week is being devoted by Channel 4 to the weird and sometimes disturbing world of "fake news". They are starting things off with a panel show pilot, which may sound dreary to some, but there are some interesting aspects to it, such as the fact it is a rare pre-watershed comedy.

Ian Wolf, On The Box, 6th February 2017

Once again, Channel 4 steps heroically forward to address the drought of panel shows featuring Stephen Mangan, Katherine Ryan and Richard Osman. This, part of C4's Fake News Week, promises to be a one-off dissection of current propaganda - but prompts the thought that a regular (and serious) show of this sort would be a valuable service. Followed later by Confessions Of The Paparazzi, a portrait of photographers who pester celebrities.

Andrew Mueller, The Guardian, 6th February 2017

Katherine Ryan just tricked us all with Fake News

Katherine Ryan hasn't had a botched butt lift - instead, she's appearing on a one-off comedy panel show called The Fake News Show next week, and she's managed to drum up quite a bit of publicity for it.

Ian Sandwell, Digital Spy, 3rd February 2017

Katherine Ryan to co-host Comedy Central's Your Face Or Mine

Katherine Ryan and Jimmy Carr will co-host the new Comedy Central version of cult TV gameshow Your Face Or Mine.

British Comedy Guide, 1st February 2017

Eddie Marsan drawls opaque riddles as Bob Dylan, in the first of a series of tall tales about the famous. August, 1993: Dylan arrives in London, alone, and proceeds to Crouch Hill, where Dave Stewart has told him to visit any time. At the address Bob's written down, Ange (Katherine Parkinson) confirms Dave (Paul Ritter) will be back in a sec, and shows him into the front room... it's the sort of gleefully ephemeral comic oddity BBC2 might once have felt able to indulge in.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 19th January 2017

New Netflix special for Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan's most recent live stand-up show is to air exclusively on Netflix next month.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 18th January 2017

Hosts revealed for That Thing On Friday Night

Katherine Ryan, Joe Lycett and Romesh Ranganathan will host the pilot episode of new topical BBC comedy format That Thing On Friday Night.

British Comedy Guide, 17th January 2017

Preview - Big Fat Quiz of Everything

Jimmy Carr hosts the show that's bigger, fatter, and quizzier than ever, letting loose on not just the year-gone-by but well... everything.

Gareth Hargreaves, On The Box, 6th January 2017

No sooner has The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year conga'd by, than a new series returns with more questions pertaining to the past 100,000 years of human history. Jonathan Ross, David Walliams, Katherine Ryan, Aisling Bea, Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade will once again be answering headscratchers posed by Jimmy Carr, such as why do tennis players wear white? And what diet did William the Conqueror attempt?

Ali Catterall, The Guardian, 6th January 2017

Not so long ago, the idea of president Donald J Trump seemed the stuff of which surreal, grotesque, fantastical comedic riffs might be fashioned (indeed, Boyle did exactly that, on several, clearly fate-tempting occasions). In this recently recorded show, he and accomplices Sara Pascoe, Katherine Ryan, Michelle Wolf and Richard Osman face a daunting challenge now that it's about to be a reality.

Andrew Mueller, The Observer, 20th November 2016

Here you can watch Frankie Boyle tear into Donald Trump. Why would you watch anything else? He declares that Trump is not just the wrong person for the job of president but might even be the wrong mammal. Quite. And he predicts that the US presidential race was so absurd, and between two such unappealing candidates, that the next one might be run between a toaster and an ostrich.

However, there are some kind words for Hillary: "For a granny she was quite good at email." Boyle is joined by the annoyingly ubiquitous Katherine Ryan and Sara Pascoe. These are mediocre comedians and it feels like they've been thrown in so the BBC can tick a box on gender equality but also to dilute the acid of Frankie Boyle. Which is a shame. Give him the spotlight, uninterrupted. You don't see John Oliver being forced to share the stage when he eviscerates Trump. The show is a mix of Frankie's brilliant stand-up and some watered down chat with his relatively genteel guests.

Julie McDowall, The National, 19th November 2016

Review: Frankie Boyle's American Autopsy

Don't, of course, watch American Autopsy for definitive answers. This was recorded shortly after the vote and I suspect the panel was as shellshocked as the rest of us by the result. But everyone is good value and I suppose I should mention that it's excellent to have so many women on one show. But one final thought. I can't help thinking that when Frankie Boyle sounds like the voice of reason the world really has turned upside down.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 15th November 2016

Taskmaster: a funny, most unexpected comedy

Dave's Taskmaster is ace at everything but balanced representation. Sort that, and it could be one of the most enjoyable shows on TV...

Wesley Mead, Den Of Geek, 26th October 2016

Frankie Boyle to present US election comedy show

Frankie Boyle is to dissect the result of the US Presidential Election in a special to be broadcast on BBC iPlayer, then BBC Two.

British Comedy Guide, 20th October 2016