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Katherine Ryan

10 female comedians to see this autumn

Between them they represent the breadth, diversity and talent of the scene, hailing from the UK, Canada, America and Denmark. One jokes about her past job as a dominatrix, another about her Nazi grandfather, and another performs in a poundshop parrot suit. Something for everyone, then.

Alice Jones, Refinery 29, 25th September 2017

Greenwich Comedy Festival, review

Comedian Ellie Taylor showed how she has recently upped her game as she kicked off a night of comedy, writes Bruce Dessau.

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, 14th September 2017

Taskmaster Champion Of Champions specials to be filmed

Dave is to show Taskmaster Champion Of Champions, two hour long specials featuring the winners of the first five series of the hit challenge show.

British Comedy Guide, 13th September 2017

Comedy Central to launch Roast Battle UK

Jimmy Carr will host Roast Battle UK on Comedy Central, a new show with Russell Brand and Katherine Ryan.

British Comedy Guide, 8th September 2017

Katherine Ryan says men often think she's a dominatrix

Stand-up comic Katherine Ryan says men often think she's a dominatrix and reveals why she's not ashamed of her cosmetic surgery. She also chats working in Hooters, having kids and handling hecklers.

Laura Bond, The Sun, 6th August 2017

Latitude Festival review

The go-to event for a full-on comedy fix.

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, 17th July 2017

Katherine Ryan at Latitude 2017 review

The phenomenon of YouTubers has proved that authenticity of personality is the key to fame today. That, too, is the secret of Katherine Ryan's success.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 17th July 2017

Confrontational comic Frankie will be joined by regulars Katherine Ryan and Sara Pascoe plus a couple of as-yet-unnamed guests as he continues to explore, in his customarily barbed style, the bewildering election aftermath. Conversation and poetic monologues (witness Boyle's takedown of May the other week) will revolve round the continuing nightmare that is Brexit, and whatever other horrific flashpoints spring up in between.

Ali Catterall, The Guardian, 30th June 2017

Boyle's shift into socio-political commentary hasn't blunted his tongue, and these days he's on far more entertaining form than when he was merely shocking for shock's sake. With a recent election and ever-obliging Donald Trump in the mix, there will be ample news-based chaos for him - and guests Katherine Ryan and Sara Pascoe, plus an interactive audience - to comb through for darkly comic common sense.

Sharon O'Connell, The Guardian, 16th June 2017

All-star Grenfell Tower benefit

An all-star comedy benefit show has been announced in aid of the Grenfell Tower fire in London. Tickets go on sale on Friday morning.

British Comedy Guide, 15th June 2017

Katherine Ryan announces 2017 tour

Katherine Ryan has announced Glitter Room, a new stand-up tour for 2017.

British Comedy Guide, 31st May 2017

Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan are the hosts in this vacuous couples' challenge. While Ryan is warm and funny, Carr showcases his superior attitude, as if he has forgotten why he agreed to present the show. After the audience rank both celebrities and civilians from "hottest to nottest", the couple in question must try to guess who they think is better looking. Even the most devoted watcher of shallow telly will find it uncomfortable.

Hannah Verdier, The Guardian, 24th May 2017

Your Face Or Mine: a dating show that's rotten

Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan's revived gameshow could easily be mistaken for an episode of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror.

Fiona Sturges, The Guardian, 20th May 2017

Your Face Or Mine preview

Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan have good chemistry together and Your Face Or Mine gives them plenty of scope to show off off their comic chops. I certainly enjoyed it. Please don't judge me.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 17th May 2017

Was anyone really demanding a reboot of the early-2000s E4 gameshow inspired by the Am I Hot Or Not internet craze? Here it is anyway, with Katherine Ryan and original host Jimmy Carr inviting couples to nuke their relationship by rating the relative sex appeal of celebs, strangers and each other for cash prizes. Judging by the fun opening double bill, it's funnier and more spontaneous than the similarly looks-obsessed Take Me Out.

Graeme Virtue, The Guardian, 17th May 2017

Preview - Your Face or Mine?

You may ask yourself why Comedy Central thought it was a good idea to revive a somewhat forgotten E4 comedy game show that ended nearly 15 years ago. To be honest, I haven't got an answer.

Ian Wolf, On The Box, 17th May 2017

Following a one-off episode as part of Channel 4's Fake News Week (it even managed to seed some of its own fake news, many outlets picking up its made-up story about Kanye West planning an appearance on Pointless), The Fake News Show gets a proper series. Stephen Mangan hosts the panel show that aims to separate the alternative facts from the alternative fiction, with help from captains Katherine Ryan and Richard Osman.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 15th May 2017

Katherine Ryan interview

We spent five minutes with Katherine Ryan, co-host of new Comedy Central gameshow Your Face Or Mine.

BT, 10th May 2017

Years of lugubrious wit are turning Jack Dee's face as saggy as the late Clement Freud's. Tonight's dosage of self-indulgent gripes from an invited audience won't help any. He's joined by Jeremy Hardy, Katherine Ryan, Larry Lamb and Andi Osho to field "first world complaints" about baby Facebook updates, emptying bins when husbands are away and inquiries about where best to shield an iPhone from the sun ("Britain," offers Hardy).

David Stubbs, The Guardian, 5th April 2017

Interview: Katherine Ryan

In one hour, comedian Katherine Ryan hilariously tackles pop culture, politics, and personal life.

Samantha Sutton, Coveteur, 10th March 2017