Kate Williams.

Kate Williams (II)

Insert Name Here to return for third series

Sue Perkins will return with Josh Widdicombe and Richard Osman to host Series 3 of cult-hit panel show Insert Name Here.

British Comedy Guide, 10th October 2017

Preview - Cunk on Christmas

Following a previous episode where Cunk "examined" the life of Shakespeare, this time around she looks at everything to do with Christmas, from the birth of Jesus and the pagan origins to Santa Claus and "Sir Charles Dickings".

Ian Wolf, On The Box, 29th December 2016

Preview - Insert Name Here

When Sue Perkins-fronted panel show Insert Name Here began earlier this year, there was not that much notice taken of it, which was a shame as it was one of the better efforts in terms of panel shows.

Ian Wolf, On The Box, 21st December 2016

Final episode for now of the slight but amiable panel show that eschews interrogation in favour of Sue Perkins lobbing underarm softball topics at the panellists. One might argue the licence fee-paying public would gain better value by just sending the panel down to Bella Pasta and screening their subsequent pre-doughballs banter. Nominative know-it-alls joining Josh Widdicombe and Richard Osman tonight include Bake Off invigilator Paul Hollywood, historian Kate Williams and comedians Joe Lycett and Sara Pascoe.

Mark Gibbings-Jones, The Guardian, 8th February 2016