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Coming late into an already saturated market, Sky 1's Wall of Fame is a fitfully-amusing, chronically derivative and ambition-free comedy quiz show based around the previous week's top 32 most talked about celebrities.

David Walliams is in the chair, with Jack Dee and Kate Garraway as competing team captains. It is something of a cakewalk for Walliams and Dee, relaxed to the point of complacent, but since comedy is hardly Garraway's forte she is given Andrew Maxwell as a teammate. Maxwell's material is quite funny, but he really should put a more effort into feigning spontaneity. It all sounds suspiciously scripted to order.

The rest of the panelists usually comprise attractive but vacant young women, purportedly celebrities themselves, whose principal contribution is to make the men appear funnier by comparison.

Wall of Fame isn't bad, but neither is it particularly good either. With originality so low on its list of priorities the show already looks a bit tired, despite being brand new.

The Stage, 7th July 2011

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