The Price Of Happiness. Kate Fox.

Do autistic people 'get' jokes?

Originally dubbed "little professors" by Viennese paediatrician Hans Asperger, autistic people have often been thought to be a rather serious bunch. So do autistic people even have a sense of humour?

Damon Rose, BBC, 15th December 2018

How Northern comedians get pigeonholed

The stereotype of a 'Northern club comedian' reinforces an 'us-and-them' society that serves to holds back working-class people. And the idea that such stand-ups are usually seen as overweight is a way for the ruling elite to justify their 'disgust at the working class' through their 'their disgusting bodies'. That's the provocative view of academic, poet and comic Kate Fox - who was outlining details of her recently-completed PhD thesis into class and comedy at the Leicester Comedy Festival yesterday.

Chortle, 19th February 2018

Kate Fox: Is it because I'm Northern?

Kate Fox exposes a geographical bias in the comedy world.

Chortle, 15th February 2018

There are more women, but it's hardly time to celebrate

The amount of female stand-up acts that are appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe has provided fodder for many a headline this summer. The gist? There are more (I'm one of them), and they're winning more awards. Yes this is a good thing, but simply focusing on this positive development means that the (extensive) changes that still need to be made are being skimmed over.

Kate Fox, The Conversation, 20th August 2015

Comedians rally against 'unjust' austerity in Newcastle

North East comedians Kate Fox and Mr Drayton are to appear in Newcastle tonight to protest against austerity measures.

John-Paul Stephenson, Giggle Beats, 14th September 2013

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