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Announcing the Funny Women Stage Awards ones to watch

We've announced our 2020 Funny Women Stage Award finalists and now it's time to share with you the eight comedians who made our 2020 Ones to Watch list!

Funny Women, 7th September 2020

Comedy Unleashed: new free speech comedy night review

There's always somebody who has to ruin it. Comedy Unleashed has been widely advertised as a new free-speech stand-up night, where comedians have the safe space to say what they want, without fear of falling foul of the politically correct police. Yet during the bonfire of taboos that is Scott Capurro's headlining set, one front-row punter was drawn to his feet to heckle.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 14th February 2018

Rescuing comedy from liberals and the PC Brigade

Rupert Hawksley meets the team behind the new liberal-baiting night 'Comedy Unleashed', where the only rule is, 'Be funny'.

Ruper Hawksey, The Telegraph, 1st February 2018