Justin Moorhouse.

Justin Moorhouse

Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled - Justin Moorhouse pirate celebrity mix-up

From Series 3, Episode 3 of Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled. Featuring: Alan Davies, Justin Moorhouse.

BBC New Comedy Award - 2013 - Heat 3

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From 2013, Episode 3 of BBC New Comedy Award. Featuring: Harriet Kemsley, Liam Pickford, Steve Bugeja, Justin Moorhouse, John Thomson, Alex Petrovic, Dane Baptiste, David Callaghan, David Stanier, Kevin Shevlin, Michael Spicer, Peter Brush.

BBC New Comedy Award - 2012 - Leeds Heat

From 2012 of BBC New Comedy Award. Featuring: Justin Moorhouse, Jimmy McGhie, Peter Otway, Fern Brady, Peter Brush, Jack Evans, Eleanor Morton, Michael Clarke, Dionysis Atzarakis, David Callaghan, David Stanier, Scott Bennett.

Stand Up For Comic Relief - 5 Live's Tony Livesey Stands Up For Comic Relief

Featuring: Tony Livesey, Justin Moorhouse.

Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow - Justin Moorhouse - Yorkshire Brass Band

From Series 2, Episode 3 of Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow. Featuring: Justin Moorhouse.