Juliet Cowan

Cuckoo season four review

Having killed off its title character three seasons ago, this perky comedy revels in an anything-can-happen perversity.

Tim Dowling, The Guardian, 4th August 2018

Vod's mum is coming to stay (JP: "You've got a mum?") and she makes Vod look like Dame Edith Sitwell. For starters, the terrifying Chris (Juliet Cowan, superb) insists on calling her daughter "Milly" - short for "Millstone". Elsewhere, Oregon tracks down her play's sole positive reviewer, and Howard attains Matrix-style enlightenment after reading Candice's feminist tract. Sadly, his well-meaning Google hunt for "ethically sourced free range porn" bears no fruit: "I would very much like to go back and take the blue pill," he sighs.

Ali Catterall, The Guardian, 2nd December 2013