Julian Lee.

Julian Lee

Julian Lee's Jokebox

Julian Lee's Jokebox

Fantastic stand-up comic Julian Lee, the master of the one-liner and pun-King has a brand-new joke book Julian Lee's Jokebox will have you roaring with laughter with some of his best gags.

Jokes such as:

I forgot what I had for my pudding last night.
It was Amnesia Creamed Rice.

I saw a trailer on TV last night for a show called World's Largest Babies.
I think I'll give that a wide berth.

If Jon Bon Jovi was born a hundred years earlier, he would have been Living on a Prairie!

Does anyone else think that if Bono took his sunglasses off indoors, he might actually find what he was looking for?

Everyone knows the most overweight band in the 70s was The Obesity Rollers.

Plus, many, many, more.

First published: Thursday 25th February 2021

  • Released: Friday 26th February 2021
  • Pages: 135

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