Josh Pugh
Josh Pugh

Josh Pugh

  • Actor, writer and stand-up comedian

Video clips

Competitive Dads

This is what happens when dads collect their kids from school. Why do dads always have to be so competitive?

Self Defence Tips

Life on the streets is dangerous. You need to know how to defend yourself. Josh and Chris, martial arts experts, show you all the moves you need to demolish your attacker. The only self defence class you'll ever need.

Surprising Your Mum

Your mum loves you right? You are the joy of her life, the apple of her eye.... So when you pay her an unexpected surprise visit, it's safe to say she'll be over the moon about it, won't she? There's nothing quite like a mother's unconditional love.

Competition Giveaway

Always good to win a prize, right? Who'd turn down a £1000 in a competition giveaway? Unless, that is, you have a few murky secrets that end up getting caught on camera.

27 comedians deliver one-liners

A video organised by Mark Simmons in which 27 comedians deliver short jokes.

Renting Your First Flat

Windows, yep. Walls, fine. Now take me to the dog, please.

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