Josh Pugh.

Midlands Comedy Awards 2019 results

Scott Bennett, Chris Oxenbury, Tommy Tomski, Doug Carter, Lovell Smith, Josh Pugh and Jack Kirwan were amongst the winners at the Midlands Comedy Awards 2019.

British Comedy Guide, 30th December 2019

Josh Pugh to represent England at football

Josh Pugh is to represent England in the partially sighted football World Championships this year in Turkey.

Chortle, 26th September 2019

Edinburgh Fringe review

Chortle, August 2019

Fringe 10x10: Ten great titles

Puns ahoy!

Chortle, 12th July 2019

Fringe: 32 must-see Edinburgh shows

The Edinburgh Fringe is just around the corner and that means two things: performers everywhere are having nervous breakdowns trying to get their shows ready in time, and we're awash with previews telling us who and what to go and see.

Nooruddean Choudry, JOE, 2nd July 2019

Live review: Rob Kemp / Josh Pugh

Both of these were shows that I think will do really well at the Edinburgh Festival.

Alex Finch, Comedy To Watch, 29th April 2019

Midlands Comedy Awards 2018 winners

Scott Bennett, Barry Dodds, Douglas Carter, The Glee Club and NCF Comedy were the winners at the Midlands Comedy Awards 2018.

British Comedy Guide, 12th December 2018

Edinburgh Fringe review

The List, August 2018