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Voicing characters in animated films has become a must-have on the CV of any self-respecting actor these days, so it's no surprise that Steve Carell, one of the more recognisable faces of US comedy, is bouncing around on Norton's sofa to champion his new role as Gru in Despicable Me 2. Jostling alongside Carell are Irish actor Chris O'Dowd (Moone Boy, The IT Crowd) - star of US mockumentary Family Tree, coming soon to BBC2 - and US singer Josh Groban, fresh from a gig at London's O2 arena. But will any of tonight's guests be as trigger-happy on the red chair lever as Russell Crowe was last week?

Carol Carter and Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, Metro, 21st June 2013

Frank Skinner is going to regret this episode for the rest of his life. Days after the announcement of the comedian's impending fatherhood, he puts "children" in the bin. OK, so he's aided and abetted by Alistair McGowan, who made the suggestion in the first place, but this is going to become top-class emotional leverage for Skinner Junior later on in life.

McGowan does warn us that he's morphed into a latter-day Victor Meldrew, but it's surprising just how angry he seems (perhaps the wind changed when he was filming Grumpy Old Men). Skinner's other guests are Dragon Hilary Devey and singer/songwriter Josh Groban, who can't compete with McGowan's glower.

Emma Perry, Radio Times, 17th February 2012

Gruff-voiced businesswoman and Dragons' Den regular Hilary Devey, impressionist Alistair McGowan and American singer Josh Groban are Frank Skinner's guests on tonight's edition of the comedy panel show. As ever, there are no shortage of pet hates to be discussed, with particular vitriol reserved for supermarkets, the smoking ban and Valentine's Day.

Pete Naughton, The Telegraph, 16th February 2012

It's back, with shiny new titles, Frank Skinner in place of Paul Merton and not one but three guests competing to have pet hates banished for ever. Robert Webb, Danny Baker and Fern Britton select peeves such as homework, sci-fi, PE and punk, but it has all the awkwardness of a bad dinner party and little of the easy, intimate wit and banter of the original show; the best fun to be had is Webb's seeming disdain for the rather tedious Britton, who seems to think she's on Grumpy Old Women. Maybe future contestants - among them Alistair McGowan, Josh Groban, Sarah Millican and Alice Cooper - will make this more likeable, though they'll have a job getting laughs from the likes of Gregg Wallace, Gabby Logan and Mark Lawrenson.

Time Out, 20th January 2012

Yay, Graham's back and once again there is a reason to stay in on Friday nights. He's terrific, and has injected bright new life into the post-news chat-show slot vacated by you-know-who last year. I love the dynamic of the Norton sofa, where guests turn up en masse rather than separately, which leads to some funny and occasionally weird interaction, or lack of interaction (remember a worried-looking Maggie Gyllenhaal staring in bafflement at comedian Russell Howard?). So far in Norton's reign, my favourite odd couples are big, smiley Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper, who took a shine to our own Jo Brand, and one of tonight's guests, Catherine Tate, who was "romanced" by rapper 50 Cent the last time she appeared. Tate, last seen as Howard Donald in Comic Relief's Fake That, joins her old mucker and former Doctor Who, David Tennant. Grammy Award nominee Josh Groban provides the music.

Alison Graham, Radio Times, 15th April 2011

While we've always not minded Graham Norton, even during his mid-career slump - remember when he was on C4 every minute of the day? - it's only now that we've come to really admire him as a good broadcaster. Perhaps there's something about that 10am R2 slot that makes TV chat show hosts relax and reveal their true selves. It certainly did it for Jonathan Ross all those years ago. Or maybe its just winning on Just A Minute, but now Norton is more mature, more likeable and just downright good.

Tonight, he has David Tennant and his mate, the hilarious comedian Catherine Tate and music from Glee star Josh Groban. Even though this doesn't sound like a whole lot of material to work with - or indeed any good at all - somehow it will end up being very entertaining.

TV Bite, 15th April 2011

With a new series of Doctor Who fast approaching, the Telegraph's Graham Norton begins his new run with a vintage Who feel. David Tennant and Catherine Tate, both of whom starred together in a previous Who series, join Norton on the sofa to discuss teaming up again in a new West End production of Shakespeare's As You Like It. Lancaster-born comedian Jon Richardson talks about his tour, and the singer/songwriter Josh Groban promotes his Straight to You tour, before singing songs from his new album, Illuminations.

Clive Morgan, The Telegraph, 14th April 2011

Continuing its post-Amstell coping strategy of a HIGNFY-style rotating host, Buzzcocks is back for a 24th series, showing more longevity than most of the popstars it has on it. The surprisingly affable Mark Ronson takes the chair and attempts to rein in returning team leaders Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding[, who get Alesha Dixon, Mollie King from the Saturdays, Tinie Tempah and Paul Foot as their guests. Future hosts look likely to include Josh Groban, Tim Westwood and Frankie Boyle. No Dappy from N-Dubz?

Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian, 21st October 2010

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