Jordan Brookes.

Jordan Brookes

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Objectively Funny Festival 2019 preview

Friday 13th September 2019

London's Objectively Funny Festival is now firmly established as the first major stop-off for comedians after the Edinburgh Fringe. Here's a look at some of the comedians performing at the festival this year.


Press Clippings

Mixed bill, 21Soho review

Opening of new club is cause for celebration, with performances from Aurie Styla, Olga Koch, Jordan Brookes and Fern Brady.

Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk, 31st August 2020

Edinburgh Unlocked review

A carnival of comedy from the festival that never was.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 23rd August 2020

August without Edinburgh fringe

Covid-19 has cancelled the annual jamboree, leaving performers - and our comedy critic - bereft. What does the festival mean to them and how will it change?

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 7th August 2020

Edinburgh Unlocked audiobook to be released

Edinburgh Unlocked, an audiobook featuring Edinburgh Fringe performers, is to be released this August to help raise money for the festival.

British Comedy Guide, 13th July 2020

Top comics experiment with lockdown festival

From a daft James Bond spoof to reliving a disastrous audition over Zoom, the Upload comedy extravaganza had some delectable moments.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 22nd June 2020

Jordan Brookes / Micky Overman, review

Two shows at a new online comedy festival made the most of lockdown's difficulties.

Tristram Fane Saunders, The Telegraph, 22nd June 2020

Jordan Brookes: Bleed at Soho Theatre online, review

Jordan Brookes: Bleed is not only an enjoyable production but one that demonstrates how theatre can thrive virtually. It is an exciting experience for all those willing to be part of Brookes's comic experiment.

Emma-Jane Betts, The Upcoming, 7th May 2020

Review: Jordan Brookes - Bleed, Soho Theatre on demand

Jordan Brookes won the Edinburgh Comedy Award in 2019 for I've Got Nothing, a show that was substantially improvised. But this show, Bleed, from 2018, is the show that should have won him the award.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 7th May 2020