Jon Long. Copyright: Mark Dawson.

Jon Long - Self​-​Isolation EP

Jon Long - Self​-​Isolation EP

Stand-up & musical comedian Jon Long had some spare time, and so recorded this Self-Isolation EP.

Four songs. Two from his back catalogue, two newly written, and all recorded in a studio (flat) in Croydon during a global pandemic.

Made for both Jon's sanity, and your entertainment.

FREE to anyone, but with an option to donate, if you are in a position to do so, and you miss attending & supporting live comedy.

1. Over-thinker
For all you over-thinkers out there. It's a tough time to be stuck in your flat/head.

2. F*ck Jogging
It's the one state sanctioned form of exercise, and Jon's not a fan. One of the regular songs from his stand-up act.

3. 7 Days (in Lockdown)
Introducing the hottest emerging new artist in the flat today: Hannah (Jon's girlfriend) singing about her own self-isolation coping mechanisms.

4. Flexitarian
Now more than ever, people's Flexi-diets are being tested to their limits, and it's like, literally impossible to stay vegan in a pandemic, okay?!

First released: Thursday 2nd April 2020