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John Robertson

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Review - John Robertson: The Dark Room

The Dark Room has been running consecutively for seven years now. If Robertson ever gets bored of killing people inside his little dark room, he could do anything from becoming a wrestling announcer to being the next Sith Lord. No rush though, the crowd is still enjoying being insulted and exterminated. To my surprise, I also found myself chanting dead-wishes to the undeserving players.

Johanna Makelainen, Broadway Baby, 14th May 2019

Funny Beeseness review

If you haven't seen one of Wayne Beese's stellar comedy nights, my advice would be to book yourself in as soon as possible.

James Driver-Fisher, The Express and Star, 22nd October 2018

The Dark Room to become a proper video game

John Robertson's choose-your-own-adventure show The Dark Room is to become a real video game. It will be brought to life by Stirfire Studios beginning 20th September.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 11th September 2018

Three to see on 9 Aug

Three recommended shows to see on Thursday 9 Aug - every one a former ThreeWeeks Editors' Award winner...

ThreeWeeks, 9th August 2018

Aussie invasion of 2018 Edinburgh Fringe

If you are travelling anywhere near Edinburgh this August, have a look at the following list of shows and consider going to see an Australian act.

Squirrel Comedy, 19th July 2018

Hit live show The Dark Room to be turned into TV series

The Dark Room, a hit live comedy format hosted by comedian John Robertson, is to be turned into a new TV series.

British Comedy Guide, 19th July 2018

New comedy label reveals its TV projects

...including shows based on Welcome To Scarfolk and The Dark Room.

Chortle, 19th July 2018

John Robertson recalls his unforgettable five gigs

'I get a surprisingly large amount of women dressed as cats in my shows'

John Robertson, Chortle, 10th August 2017