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Known for: QI (Question Writer)

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Sara Pascoe's Animal wins a QI endorsement

Sara Pascoe's Animal has been named one of the ten most interesting books of the year by QI. However, the list's credibility has taken a blow by including a new book of QI facts - which makes the exercise look a little like a flimsy marketing gimmick in the run-up to Christmas.

Chortle, 6th December 2016

Latest QI Facts book out in October

Faber is to publish the next QI Facts book, 1,342 QI Facts, in October.

Natasha Onwuemezi, The Bookseller, 5th May 2016

The QI Elves are coming to Oxford

The birthplace of QI is of course Oxfordshire, John Lloyd and John Mitchinson famously meeting in the Falkland Arms pub in Great Tew, where they hatched their plan for QI.

Katherine Macalister, The Oxford Times, 6th November 2015

QI and the magical power of facts

The TV quiz's top fact-checker reveals some of the favourite nuggets of information he uncovered for its latest publication.

John Mitchinson, The Guardian, 20th November 2013

John Mitchinson and QI at the Cornbury Festival

There's no need for John Mitchinson to put himself out for Cornbury Festival. He works ridiculously hard running QI in its various forms, has just celebrated his 50th birthday and should be allowed to enjoy the event on his doorstep in relative peace.

Katherine Duncan-Jones, The Oxford Times, 3rd July 2013

Audio: John Lloyd & John Mitchinson with Steve Wright

QI backroom guys John Lloyd and John Mitchinson chat to Steve Wright.

Steve Wright, BBC, 13th November 2012

A Quite Interesting Christmas quiz

John Mitchinson and Molly Oldfield, the éminences grises behind the BBC's QI, invite you to test your mettle over 40 brain-tickling questions.

Molly Oldfield & John Mitchinson, The Telegraph, 23rd December 2011

QI elves launch new digital publishing website

QI researcher John Mitchinson, has come together with two other writers to launch Unbound, a new digital publishing platform, which allows members of the public to fund and influence authors' works at the point of creation.

Emma Barnett, The Telegraph, 29th May 2011

General Ignorance sweeps Great Britain...

On the publication of The Second Book of General Ignorance, John Lloyd, John Mitchinson and the QI team can reveal that Britain's most generally ignorant town is ... Swindon!

The Thought Fox, 8th November 2010

QI Book of the Dead - exclusive extracts

QI author John Mitchinson introduces exclusive extracts from a new book from the brains behind the TV show - 'dead good' according to Stephen Fry.

John Mitchinson, The Telegraph, 24th November 2009

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