John Henry Falle

  • Actor and comedian

Video clips

History of the NHS... in five minutes

Learn about the History of the NHS in five minutes!

Choose Your Own 'Mandy Dassa' Adventure

Mandy is an actress but doesn't have much to do today.... except that audition tape for Les Miserables on the West End.... apart from that nothing! What shall she do today? You choose! Come with Mandy on her day, come and have a 'Mandy Dassa' Adventure!

How To Date A Magical Creature - How To Date A Zombie

Clive and his zombie boyfriend boyfriend Greg are like any other loving couple: they go to couple's therapy. As their session unfolds, they rediscover the love they thought was lost.

1997 Called

Careful if you wear a retro shirt, you might get a call from the past.


A short pilot from Nickelodeon. DuckManBoy is focused around half boy, half duck wannabe superhero Dwayne and his accountant brother Neil who are kidnapped by evil savoury shake mogul Sir Richard Battenburger.

Food on face

Henry notices a bit of croissant on Gregory's face during a romantic business lunch.

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