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John Bishop (I)

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Teenage Cancer Trust comedy night announced

The comedy host will be John Bishop.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 18th February 2020

John Bishop calls for the Grand National to be banned

John Bishop is an animal-lover and said he has issues with the event at Aintree which is a huge boost to his native city Liverpool.

David O'Dornan, Daily Star, 30th November 2019

John Bishop on reaching middle age

How do you know when you're approaching middle age? Is it the new Ferrari in the driveway? The new holes punched into the wrong end of the belt? For John Bishop, it was when he found - to his horror - that he was beginning to enjoy golf.

John Bishop, GQ, 21st November 2019

ITV to launch John Bishop At The Weekend

ITV is to broadcast John Bishop At The Weekend in 2020, a new weekly topical comedy show which will see the stand-up take a look back at the week's events.

British Comedy Guide, 13th November 2019

Best comedy books for 2019

The funniest books from romantic comedy to hilarious memoirs.

Maisie Bovingdon, The Sun, 17th October 2019

John Bishop announces work in progress dates

John Bishop has announced a series of work in progress gigs at venues around the country.

British Comedy Guide, 12th June 2019

John Bishop on fatherhood

To celebrate Father And Son Day, an initiative set up by Daniel Marks and Jack Dyson, GQ invited John Bishop, his three sons - Luke, Daniel and Joe - and his father Ernie to discuss their tales, relationships and life lessons from being a father. Five Liverpudlians in a bar - the conversation was bound to be good...

Faye Fearon, GQ, 3rd June 2019

Comedy stars to take part in Whodunnit spoof play

A number of comedians are due to guest star in Whodunnit [Unrehearsed], a new murder mystery spoof coming to London's Park Theatre.

British Comedy Guide, 30th May 2019