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John Bird (I)

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1996 comedy sketch is an eerie prophecy of Brexit

A recently reemerged clip from the 90s comedy sketch show Bremner, Bird and Fortune, which starred comedians John Bird, John Fortune and Rory Bremner, takes a shot at the Eurosceptics of the mid-90s. Bird assumes the character of George Parr, a fictional Tory MP who isn't too fond of the EU, the European Court of Human Rights, Greek words and the women of Luxembourg.

Greg Evans, The Independent, 2nd August 2019

A life in focus: Peter Cook

John Bird writes about the giant of British comedy who inspired several generations.

John Bird, The Independent, 11th May 2019

With a general election set to dominate the news agenda, 2015 should be an adventure playground for political comedians. Sadly, The Revolution Will Be Televised are too busy congratulating themselves for firing Lewinsky innuendos at Bill Clinton, so here's Bremner's rusty but reliable sceptre of satire to prick the politicos' pomposity. Joined by John Bird, Matt Forde, Sara Pascoe and Jan Ravens, it seems reasonable to expect something a little more incisive than stock fat gags about Eric Pickles.

Mark Jones, The Guardian, 3rd February 2015

Satire should reform and inform... not rile

"The freedom to laugh at others' values and beliefs seems a hard price to pay with your life for..."

John Bird, The Big Issue, 19th January 2015

John Bird and John Fortune - 1962 review

In this extract originally published in the Observer on 14 January 1962, an early Soho appearance by the duo makes our critic laugh, even if he finds something essential lacking.

Kenneth Tynan, The Guardian, 21st March 2014

Big Issue founder John Bird sets out on stand-up tour

Prime ministers, pop stars and one very colourful life - catch The World According to John Bird.

The Big Issue, 25th January 2014

Rory Bremner, John Bird and John Fortune take their satirical scalpels to the election. With three shows (tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday) in which to poke political fun, the trio keep things topical by recording each programme on the day of its transmission. Bremner provides impressions and analysis with Bird and Fortune adopting their usual guises as senior political figures.

Toby Dantzic, The Telegraph, 1st May 2010

The three satirists continue to cast their jaundiced eyes over the recent financial meltdown and the failings of new Labour with a rage that hasn't been seen since the sleazy fag end of the last Conservative Government under John Major. Some of Bremner's impersonations, particularly Tony Blair and Ken Clarke, are almost uncanny, and there is a series of wonderful George Parr interviews between Bird and Fortune, especially those with John Bird as a smooth and unscrupulous banker. But the surprise star turn in the show is Gillian Tett, who - as assistant editor of the Financial Times - gives an entirely straight interview with Bremner about the early-warning signs of crisis. It's when you stop laughing that you realise she was being serious.

David Chater, The Times, 20th June 2009