Joanne McNally
Joanne McNally

Joanne McNally

  • Irish
  • Actor and comedian

Video clips

'Tina Turner Scares Pigeons'

Tina Turner facts and tumble drying pigeons...

It's illegal to own a hamster in Hawaii?

Painting walls with milk, and exotic pets... Rob Beckett poses some peculiar questions.

'What Is The Point Of Sourdough?'

Instagramming food and kissing... Rob Beckett wants guests to guess the facts from the fibs...

Joanne McNally won't back down

Joanne McNally tells Alan Davies about her break-up with her first love 'Badger'.

How quick did John Kearns read Ross Kemp's book?

Was Ross Kemp's novel Devil To Pay a page turner or a yawner?

Never let Big Zuu cook for you

Big Zuu isn't fussy with what he would eat!

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