Lee Mack's All Star Cast. Joan Collins. Copyright: Zeppotron / Arlo Productions.

The Nightly Show - Dame Joan Collins on her next film

From Series 1, Episode 10 of The Nightly Show. Featuring: John Bishop, Dame Joan Collins.

The Time Of Their Lives - The Time Of Their Lives trailer

Featuring: Joan Collins (Helen), Pauline Collins (Priscilla), Ronald Pickup (Frank), Joely Richardson (Lucy), Franco Nero (Alberto), Scott Wagstaff (Passport Officer).

The Graham Norton Show - Joan Collins turned down a date with Frank Sinatra

From Series 19, Episode 5 of The Graham Norton Show. Featuring: Graham Norton, Joan Collins.

Benidorm - Crystal takes to the stage

From Series 8, Episode 7 of Benidorm. Featuring: Joan Collins (Crystal Henessy-Vass).

The Jonathan Ross Show - Joan Collins slaps Jonathan Ross

From Series 9, Episode 4 of The Jonathan Ross Show. Featuring: Jonathan Ross, Dame Joan Collins.