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Original Horrible Histories team become Ghosts

BBC One has announced a new sitcom about a group of ghosts, created, written by and starring the original Horrible Histories group of leads, Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond.

British Comedy Guide, 19th June 2018

ITV2's Action Team and cinematic spy spoofs

Is there life left in the action comedy spoof? Matt sees how ITV2's Action Team, starting tonight, measures up...

Matt Edwards, Den Of Geek, 5th March 2018

Loaded probably won't get a second series

If you were a fan of Channel 4's sitcom Loaded last year, we have some bad news if you were waiting for series two.

Ian Sandwell, Digital Spy, 26th February 2018

Filming under way on BBC Three series Wannabe

Filming has started on Wannabe, the new BBC Three series built around People Just Do Nothing star Lily Brazier.

British Comedy Guide, 9th February 2018

Vicky McClure joins ITV2 comedy Action Team

Line Of Duty and Broadchurch star Vicky McClure has joined the cast of Action Team, ITV2's spoof spy action-thriller.

British Comedy Guide, 6th September 2017

Lily Brazier to star in BBC Three sitcom Wannabe

People Just Do Nothing star Lily Brazier has made Wannabe, a new sitcom pilot for BBC Three.

British Comedy Guide, 26th July 2017

A question: what would you do if you had a windfall of £14million? If you're young, and in a new show called Loaded (Channel 4, Monday), you would buy a riverboat full of sandals. Not even the Messiah would have a use for all of those. But if you have £14million in your pocket you'd probably walk on water, too.

A great cast, including Jim Howick, show how miserable you can be with a huge fortune. How reassuring. Funny, a tad surreal, and with lots of internet terms that will both boggle you and make you laugh. A hit.

David Stephenson, The Daily Express, 14th May 2017

Loaded was a hoot. The premise of four flatsharing computer whizzes is hardly new, but we are spared comparisons with Silicon Valley or the (increasing) schmaltz of The Big Bang Theory by its being very rude, very British, and relying less on lovable underdogs than the ribald arrogance that comes with essentially unearned computer-app millions. It's written and produced by Fresh Meat's Jon Brown, Jim Howick excels as the (only) grounded worrier Josh, and, crucially, it's both near-credible and high good fun.

Euan Ferguson, The Guardian, 14th May 2017