Jerry Sadowitz.

Jerry Sadowitz

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Jerry Sadowitz auctions himself on eBay

Jerry Sadowitz is auctioning himself off on eBay. Or to be precise, he's offering a private comedy-magic gig to the highest bidder.

Chortle, 8th October 2020

With comedy, I'd rather be offended than bored

New director-general Tim Davie will reportedly steer TV comedy to the right to correct years of perceived anti-Tory bias. But it was Brexit, not the BBC, that put a spanner in British humour.

Suzanne Moore, The Guardian, 2nd September 2020

The Caird: Hecklers, Kevin Bridges and the Big Yin

Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. Any comedian courageous enough to step onto the stage - whether it is in a 20,000 seater arena or in a dank pub basement - has to be well-equipped to deal with hecklers. However, be warned, disruptive outbursts from marble-mouthed louts will never be tolerated at the Caird Hall.

Ciaran Shanks, Dundee Telegraph, 11th April 2020

Glasgow Comedy Festival's biggest shows called off

All events at the King's Theatre, including Stewart Lee, Jerry Sadowitz, Janey Godley, John Shuttleworth, Fascinating Aida, Susie McCabe and Jim Smith, are to be postponed.

Chortle, 16th March 2020

Edinburgh Fringe review

Clownster, August 2019

Jerry Sadowitz gig cut short after punter falls ill

Reports suggest that when Sadowitz saw a man clambering over seats, he asked if he was on his way up to the stage to assassinate him. However, it then became apparent that another man had stopped breathing and had to be taken out of the theatre. Sadowitz reportedly said: 'Stopped breathing? That's all I need on my fucking CV isn't it?' and left the stage.

Jay Richardson, Chortle, 24th May 2019

Review: Jerry Sadowitz, Newport

Sadowitz is the last of the underdogs and tonight's performance is one of the most scabrous comedy shows I've ever witnessed.

Graham James, South Wales Argus, 11th May 2019

Scotland's funniest 60 people

As the Glasgow International Comedy Festival prepares to launch with a gaggle of giggles later this month, we count down Scotland's funniest 60 people.

The Herald, 3rd March 2019