Jeremy Hardy.

Jeremy Hardy

Jeremy Hardy Speaks Volumes

Jeremy Hardy Speaks Volumes

Jeremy Hardy, who died in February 2019, was perhaps the most distinctive and brilliant comedian to arise from the 80s Alternative Comedy circuit. He regularly entertained the millions who heard his outrageous rants on The News Quiz, his notoriously bad singing on I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, or his hilarious monologues and sketches on the award-winning Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation and Jeremy Hardy Feels It.

Often referred to as 'the comedian's comedian', Jeremy's comedy could be both personal and political, ranging in topics from prison reform to parenting, from British identity to sex. His comedy could be biting, provocative and illuminating, but it could also be surreal, mischievous and, at times, very silly. Outspoken and a lifelong socialist, Jeremy's greatest skill was that, through his warmth and humanity, he always brought the audience along with him.

Jeremy Hardy Speaks Volumes is a fitting celebration to this brilliant comedian. Containing material from his stand-up to his radio monologues and political satire to the joyfully silly gems - and curated to encompass everything about Jeremy that fans adored - Jeremy Hardy Speaks Volumes is wise, daft, outrageous, satirical, personal and, above all, very funny: like Jeremy himself.

First published: Thursday 20th February 2020

  • Released: Thursday 29th October 2020
  • Publisher: Two Roads
  • Pages: 352
  • Catalogue: 9781529300369

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