Jeremy Hardy.

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Report: Jeremy Hardy's memorial service

Friends and family of Jeremy Hardy gathered to celebrate his life on Monday 13th May at the Battersea Arts Centre.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 16th May 2019

Jeremy Hardy: Comedian's funeral held in Dorset

The funeral of comedian Jeremy Hardy has taken place in Dorset.

BBC, 20th February 2019

Robin Ince: Radio needs voices like Jeremy Hardy's

Robin Ince reflects on the late, great Hardy, his first comedy love.

Robin Ince, The Big Issue, 11th February 2019

Jeremy Hardy - true to his politics and his comedy

The campaigning comic was political to his bones, yet also gloriously silly.

Stephanie Merritt, The Guardian, 3rd February 2019

A ferocious talent who radicalised radio comedy

Provocative and political, the stand-up - who has died aged 57 - shook up Radio 4 at a time when it was in danger of resembling a Rotary Club quiz night.

Mark Lawson, The Guardian, 1st February 2019

Jeremy Hardy's best jokes

The comedian Jeremy Hardy has died, aged 57, leaving behind a legacy of formidable wit and humour. In celebration of his life's work, here is a selection of some of the comedian's best jokes.

Clarisse Loughrey, The Independent, 1st February 2019

Jeremy Hardy dies, aged 57

Comedian and Radio 4 staple Jeremy Hardy has died at the age of 57, it has been announced.

British Comedy Guide, 1st February 2019

How Edinburgh changed British comedy

Comedy did not feature at all when the Edinburgh Fringe began but over the past three decades it has become the "spiritual home" of Britain's funny folk.

Steven Brocklehurst, BBC, 6th August 2017