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Satirical Jeremy Corbyn musical to be staged in London

In what may be the first stage show written about a leader of the opposition, a Jeremy Corbyn musical is coming to a London theatre.

BBC News, 21st January 2016

Frankie Boyle: Who doesn't want Jeremy Corbyn elected?

His brief premiership would be a high point for modern Britain - until he was mercilessly destroyed by financial interests and the Murdoch press.

Frankie Boyle, The Guardian, 19th January 2016

Barry Humphries: BBC insisted I mock Cameron as well

Barry Humphries, the Australian comedian best known for playing Dame Edna Everage, has mocked the BBC for refusing to let him make jokes about Jeremy Corbyn without also ridiculing David Cameron.

Jasper Jackson, The Guardian, 5th January 2016

Russell Howard on the biggest news stories of 2015

Russell Howard's Good News has just returned to BBC Two, but in its absence from our screens he missed out on the chance to comment on Greece going broke, Fifa getting busted, Jeremy Corbyn rising to power and David Cameron's piggate. We took it upon ourselves to rectify that.

David Renshaw, NME, 22nd October 2015

Armando Iannucci on Jeremy Corbyn and his Stalin film

After clearing up at the Emmys, Armando Iannucci has left Veep and returned to the UK. And with lines from his satirical scripts popping up in real speeches, there's no better time to have him back.

Charlotte Edwardes, Evening Standard, 8th October 2015

Frankie Boyle: Jeremy Corbyn is so British

It's odd that Jeremy Corbyn is considered non-conformist. He couldn't be more British if he bled tea.

Frankie Boyle, The Guardian, 21st September 2015

Is Jeremy Corbyn too nice for satire?

A man being persuaded to compromise on his lofty ideals could make for great comedy - but given the best satire kicks against the strong, it could be hard to wring gags from the underdog Corbyn.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 18th September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn: good for politics & good for comedy too?

It is still too early to say whether Jeremy Corbyn's landslide victory will be good for the country but one thing is certain. It will be good for comedy. If there were not enough jokes already hurtling around the Twitterverse following his election, we can expect plenty more in the weeks and years to come.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 13th September 2015

Will satirists lay into Jeremy Corbyn?

Steve Palace worries for the state of the art.

Steve Palace, Chortle, 22nd July 2015

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