Swerving onto Jonathan's sofa tonight is Formula One driver Jenson Button, who hasn't been having the best of seasons on the track. He may prefer not to dwell on his restaurant venture in Harrogate, either, which was forced to close recently due to poor business.

More cheerful, then, to discuss his love of triathlons - Button hosted his own recently as part of his fundraising efforts on behalf of Help for Heroes.

Also dropping by is Ray Winstone, whose macho remake of The Sweeney (he plays Jack Regan, of course) opens in cinemas soon. Best of all, the wonderful Suranne Jones talks about her role in Sky1's spoof cop drama A Touch of Cloth, which starts tomorrow at 9pm.

David Butcher, Radio Times, 25th August 2012

He may not be to everyone's taste but there's no doubting that Jonathan Ross can still attract the big names. Tonight, the ebullient chat show host is joined by tough-guy actor Ray Winstone, who discusses his new film The Sweeney. F1 driver Jenson Button and actress Suranne Jones - who stars in Charlie Brooker's spoof A Touch of Cloth, which starts on Sunday - are also in the studio. The music comes from R'n'B girl group Stooshe.

Patrick Smith, The Telegraph, 24th August 2012