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Jennifer Saunders stars in new Mamma Mia! spoof for Comic Relief

Jennifer Saunders, Alan Carr, Miranda Hart, Philip Glenister and Sue Perkins are to spoof Mamma Mia! in a new sketch for Red Nose Day.

British Comedy Guide, 1st March 2019

June Whitfield: Absolutely Fabulous cast attend funeral

Dame June Whitfield's funeral has been held in West Sussex, with many of her friends and co-stars in attendance.

BBC, 18th January 2019

10 peerless funny women of British TV comedy

From Kathy Burke to Victoria Wood... a selection of some of the funniest female writers and comedians to have made their mark on British television.

Hannah Gatward, British Film Institute, 4th December 2018

Saunders: 'The Americans wanted to subtitle Ab Fab'

It may have become a cult hit in America but US broadcasters weren't immediately sure what to make Absolutely Fabulous, creator Jennifer Saunders has revealed.

Chortle, 6th November 2018

Who are the joke police & are they killing comedy?

Jennifer Saunders and James Buckley are the latest public figures to claim comedy is being stifled thanks to PC culture, or as Buckley refers to them "the joke police."

Kate Stone, Funny Women, 17th October 2018

Do we want Absolutely Fabulous back?

On some level it's hard not to get behind a sitcom that would place older female characters front and centre.

Nick Levine, Refinery 29, 14th October 2018

Jennifer Saunders: House building 'killing TV comedy'

Jennifer Saunders fears that television comedy will come to an end if studios continue to be knocked down to make way for luxury housing.

Grant Tucker, The Times, 13th October 2018

Patrick review

Puppy romcom leaves Beattie Edmondson to scoop up mess.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 28th June 2018