Jen Ives
Jen Ives

Jen Ives

  • Writer, stand-up comedian and actor

Video clips

Funraisers - Episode Five

Comedians Fin Christie and Jen Ives go head to head in a series of weird and wonderful tasks including everyone's favourite childhood challenge... keeping a balloon in the air for as long as possible. Have either of them got what it takes to impress their twisted taskmaster, Tom Ward?

Captive Audience - Episode Two

Jen Ives, Russell Hicks and Laura Smyth unleash their jokes onto the unsuspecting shoppers of one of London's bougiest markets.

Buttsweat Shame

Summer is here at last. But the hot weather brings its own problems. Buttsweat - yes, it's a real thing! It's not nice having an embarrassing body function. If you have a summer sweaty body, and a sweaty booty in particular, this sketch might give you a little bit of comfort.

Comedy Central Live - Jen Ives

Jen Ives looks at dating app deceptions and an Otter bedspread that sets the mood.

Stop The Leak!

Periods are rather a pain in the front side. But look no further, there's a new and improved product on the market, which will help you unleash your superpowers! Imagine a world without any embarrassing leakage? Or giving you that boost of confidence to win over the one you have your eyes set on. Anything is possible with this product, it will give women all over the world to tap into their unstoppable force!

Should trans women be allowed to participate in sports?

Comedian and full-time trans icon Jen Ives is on the case in this tongue-in-cheek look at what she calls 'an absolutely vital mainstream issue'.

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