Jane Rogerson

Jane Rogerson is an executive producer and executive.

Known for


Year Production Role
2020 Socially Distant With Susan Calman Executive Producer
2017 Red Dwarf - Series XII Commissioner
2016 Red Dwarf - Series XI Commissioner
2015 You, Me & Them - Series 2 Commissioner
2013 You, Me & Them - Series 1 Commissioner
2013 The Two Ronnies Spectacle Commissioner
2013 Yes, Prime Minister Commissioner
2012 Bring Me Morecambe And Wise Commissioner
2012 Red Dwarf - Series X Commissioner
2011 Dave's One Night Stand - Series 3 Commissioner
2011 Jo Brand's Big Splash Commissioner
2011 Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson Commissioner
2011 Navelgazing Presents... Commissioner
2011 Al Murray's Compete For The Meat Executive Producer
2011 Dave's One Night Stand - Series 2 Commissioner
2010 Fry And Laurie: Reunited Commissioner
2010 The Royle Family Portraits Commissioner
2010 Royle Exclusive: Behind The Sofa Commissioner
2010 Carpool Commissioner
2010 Dave's One Night Stand - Series 1 Commissioner
2009 Fawlty Towers: Re-Opened Executive Producer
2008 Blackadder Exclusive: The Whole Rotten Saga Executive Producer

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