Boomers. Trevor (James Smith). Copyright: Hat Trick Productions.

The Thick Of It - It's a lockdown

From Series 3, Episode 6 of The Thick Of It. Featuring: Peter Capaldi (Malcolm Tucker), Chris Addison (Oliver Reeder), James Smith (Glenn Cullen), Joanna Scanlan (Terri Coverley), Rebecca Front (Nicola Murray).

The Favourite - Production Design in The Favourite

Featuring: Olivia Colman (Queen Anne), Emma Stone (Abigail), Rachel Weisz (Lady Sarah Churchill), James Smith (Godolphin).

Boomers - Who Killed Roy?

From Series 2, Episode 6 of Boomers. Featuring: Philip Jackson (Alan), Russ Abbot (John), James Smith (Trevor), Paula Wilcox (Carol), Julia Hills (Pat).

Boomers - Murder at Greystone Manor

From Series 2, Episode 5 of Boomers. Featuring: Alison Steadman (Joyce), Philip Jackson (Alan), Russ Abbot (John), Stephanie Beacham (Maureen), James Smith (Trevor), Paula Wilcox (Carol).

Boomers - Carol's racy novel

From Series 2, Episode 3 of Boomers. Featuring: Russ Abbot (John), James Smith (Trevor), Simon Day (Vaughan).