James Serafinowicz

Comedies nominated in British Screenwriters' Awards

The nominations for the British Screenwriters' Awards 2018 features the writers of Famalam, Timewasters, Derry Girls, Sick Note and Motherland.

British Comedy Guide, 18th July 2018

The week in TV: Would I Lie to You?; Sick Note

At some points it felt as though Ed Balls had merely exchanged one bear pit for another; at others it bordered on poignant.

Barbara Ellen, The Guardian, 26th November 2017

Sick Note is already showing signs of heart failure

Amazingly, Sick Note has been commissioned for a second series, which will star Lindsay Lohan as the daughter of Daniel's boss. I can't say I have high hopes - she is hardly the sort of actor you want administering the kiss of life to a programme already showing serious signs of heart failure.

Rupert Hawksley, The Telegraph, 7th November 2017

Rupert Grint and Nick Frost to star in Sick Note sitcom

Rupert Grint and Nick Frost are to star in Sick Note, a new sitcom series for Sky Atlantic.

British Comedy Guide, 31st May 2016