James Hancox

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Underbelly announces 47 new Fringe shows

...including a one-man play from Jason Byrne.

Chortle, 5th April 2022

James Hancox: Edinburgh Fringe 2018 interview

James Hancox interview.

Laugh Out London, 5th August 2018

+3 interview: James Hancox: Sports for the Unsporty

"I bought a window box. It's probably the most adult thing I've done."

Dan Lentell, Edinburgh49, 2nd August 2018

Preview - Sports for the unsporty

As a response to being a rubbish athlete, self-appointed Sports Personality of the Year James Hancox has invented his own sports and plans to unveil them to the world one fringe show at a time.

Lucy Samson, Deadline News, 27th July 2018

James Hancox: the Edinburgh interviews 2018

James Hancox interview.

Becca Moody, Moody Comedy, 18th July 2018

A piggy interview with James Hancox

James Hancox interview.

Wrigley Worm, FringePig, 21st June 2018

Abandoman interview

If you had to describe Abandoman in two words, it would be 'infectious enthusiasm'. If you had to describe them in six, it would be 'Irish Hip Hop improvised comedy legends'.

Ben Baruch, Impact Magazine, 28th September 2017

Voice's pick of the Edinburgh Fringe 2016

We announce, in no particular order, the best shows from our time at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016. The cream of the crop, only the best.

Voice Magazine, 23rd August 2016

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