James Cosmo

Get Duked! - The making of Get Duked

Featuring: Rian Gordon (Dean), Lewis Gribben (Duncan), Viraj Juneja (DJ Beatroot), Samuel Bottomley (Ian), Jonathan Aris (Mr Carlyle), Eddie Izzard (The Duke), Georgie Glen (The Duchess), Kate Dickie (Sergeant Morag), Kevin Guthrie (PC Hamish), James Cosmo (Farmer).

Stag - Trailer

From Series 1 of Stag. Featuring: Jim Howick (Ian), Stephen Campbell Moore (Johnners), JJ Feild (Ledge), Rufus Jones (Cosmo), Amit Shah (The Mexican), Tim Key (Aitken), Reece Shearsmith (Wendy), James Cosmo (The Gamekeeper).