James Campbell (I)

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Known for: All In Good Faith (Peter Lambe)

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The 15 must-see shows at the Glasgow Comedy Festival

Sarah Watson, director of the Whyte & Mackay Glasgow International Comedy Festival, shares the shows she can't wait to see at this year's festival.

Sarah Watson, The Herald, 9th March 2019

The Fest directory: James Campbell

Comedian James Campbell talks about his favourite Fringe locations.

James Campbell, Fest Mag, 25th July 2014

James Campbell interview

James Campbell is a popular comic and author who pioneered stand-up comedy for children.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 14th May 2014

The James Campbell three Minute Interview

James Campbell is a popular comic and author who pioneered stand-up comedy for children. He's performing at the Edinburgh Fringe’s Spiegeltent this year with his famous Comedy 4 Kids show. Broadway Baby has always tried to be child friendly, or at least parent friendly, so we emailed James six questions.

Martin Walker, Broadway Baby, 14th May 2014

James Campbell's "Comedy 4 Kids" comes to Brighton

James Campbell returns to TOM with his hit show Comedy 4 Kids right at the end of Brighton Fringe, offering a welcome respite for parents fed up with face-painting, macaroni workshops and clowns with his unique brand of stand up comedy that is just as likely to have the adults laughing as the children.

Broadway World, 23rd April 2014

James Campbell Q&A

Writer and kids standup veteran James Campbell returns for his eleventh festival - "or maybe it's my twelfth" - with the simple aim of bringing kids and adults together and making them laugh.

Caroline Black, Fest Mag, 6th August 2013

Video: Kids comedian James Campbell performs at WordUp!

Children's comedian James Campbell tells his delighted six plus audience why he can't abide small dogs, at the Word Up! Festival in East Dulwich, London.

The Telegraph, 25th October 2011

James Campbell and the comedy that unites families

Comedy 4 Kids comedian James Campbell will be at The Telegraph WordUp! Festival.

Tom Greene, The Telegraph, 17th October 2011

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