James Buckley.

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10 years of The Inbetweeners

Tuesday 1st May 2018

A look back on The Inbetweeners, 10 years on. The show started out on E4 with very modest audiences, but it soon grew into one of the biggest sitcom hits of the decade, and then spawned two of the most successful British comedy movies of all time too.


Press Clippings

James Buckley takes swipe at best joke of the Fringe

The Inbetweeners star and comedian James Buckley has taken a swipe at the joke which has been crowned the best of Edinburgh Fringe 2019.

Joe Cawthorn, Edinburgh Evening News, 19th August 2019

James Buckley: Fame 'fries my brain'

The Inbetweeners actor James Buckley has revealed he struggles to cope with fame and that it causes him anxiety.

BBC, 29th June 2019

James Buckley says celeb status has left him 'anxious'

James Buckley worries that he's becoming a recluse because he struggles to cope with fame.

The Sun, 28th June 2019

James Buckley: world shaped 'like a bowl of porridge'

Inbetweeners star James Buckley reckons the world is not round -- but shaped "like a bowl of porridge". The actor, 31, suggested it is actually "lumpy and bumpy" like a bowl of oatmeal after he met with a leading 'Flat Earther'.

The Sun, 7th June 2019

Zapped cancelled after three series

Channel Dave has confirmed that fantasy-set sitcom Zapped has finished after three series.

British Comedy Guide, 17th April 2019

TV review: White Gold, BBC2

Did you catch the first episode of the new series of White Gold on Wednesday night? No? Me neither.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 9th March 2019

TV preview: White Gold, BBC2

The year is 1985. Eight months have passed since Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick) - Essex's premier and most amoral double glazing salesman - teamed up with gangster Ronnie (Lee Ross) and forced his boss Walshy (Nigel Lindsay) to sell Cachet Windows to them for a measly pound coin.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 6th March 2019

Emily Atack axed from reunion due to James Buckley past

Emily Atack was reportedly axed from The Inbetweeners reunion after James Buckley told producers 'it's her or me' following a past fling they had when they were both single.

Daily Mail, 3rd March 2019